Echo Arys is a high-tech company dedicated to marine development and environmental protection. The company has a first-class engineering team and advanced product R&D systems and is at the forefront of the world in areas such as artificial floating island design, production and construction. Echo Arys has developed an artificial floating island system that realizes standardized production and rapid installation, high cost-effectiveness, and has been widely used in marine ecotourism, marine ranches, marine sightseeing and marine resource development. The artificial floating islands built by the company not only have independent power grids and ecosystems, but also have strong marine adaptability, safety, efficiency and environmental protection. They are ideal spaces for human habitation and production on the sea.As a pioneer in the artificial floating island industry, Echo Arys always adheres to technological innovation and continuously improves the intelligence, ecology and applicability of artificial floating islands in design, construction and operation. The company's mission is to "lead artificial floating islands and change the ocean", striving to apply artificial floating island technology to broader spaces and fields, and provide frontier technologies and solutions for marine development to government and enterprise users. With leading technical strength and a sound service system, Echo Arys has become an industry leader in the global artificial floating island field, creating long-term value for customers. Echo Arys, the leader of artificial floating islands, is changing the world's new coordinates for ocean development!